Closure of Beautiful Uprising

It is with mixed feelings that we are announcing the closure of Beautiful Uprising. When we opened in 2017, neither of us could have foreseen the different needs and opportunities for us that would come up in other areas of life, and for now, we are needing to put our time and resources elsewhere.

A note from Kara: For me, personally, this little business has provided much joy, and it is sad to see this season come to an end. To have been in business with my dearest friend has been nothing but a gift, and I will miss the hours we have spent on BU tremendously. I still fully believe in the power of our purchases, the beauty in artisan-made products, and the huge opportunity for business to change the world! I hope you will continue to shop ethically through the many other wonderful sources available.

With much love, Kara

A note from Angela: As I reflect on the last two and a half years, I can't help but be filled with gratitude--for the opportunity to start and run a business with my BFF, for learning more about how to buy and sell ethically, and for getting to meet and know so many of you both here in Utah and around the country. I'm proud of what we carried out during this time. There is still much to be done to fight for fair wages so that families can thrive together, to help stop human-trafficking, and to end child labor around the world. I hope that our little corner of BU has brought awareness and passion for purposeful shopping.

With sadness but so much love and gratitude, Angela

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for coming alongside us on Beautiful Uprising's mission and for shopping with us. We're so grateful for you.

Be you & rise up! Angela & Kara

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