About Beautiful Uprising (BU)

Hello!  We are so glad you're here.  Our hope is that this shop will bring inspiration to you.  We believe that your personal style and your home can be an authentic expression of your heart and hope that we can be a part of that journey to allow you to be you ("BU").
Our mission at Beautiful Uprising is to foster authentic relationship and community, empowering you to change the world through purposeful shopping.
Who We Are
Beautiful Uprising, based in Salt Lake City, UT, is an online boutique and a boutique on wheels selling ethical apparel and home goods.  BU was founded by Kara Menning and Angela Lan and launched in September 2017 to connect each person to the power she has through the purchases she makes.

Message from Angela -- For as long as I can remember, I have loved looking at and studying the interior design of homes whether in magazines or in person (or side-eye peeks into living room windows during evening walks!)  This love was put aside for a long while as I wasn't sure how it worked or would be incorporated into my values, goals, and with past pursuits.  After studying International Business at Pepperdine University, I worked in Finance with a large defense contractor in the corporate world for almost 11 years.  Since then, I have been able to dive into some of my other interests; I've always wanted to learn more about fair trade, and as I read more about it, I learned more about the working and life conditions of women and families in poverty both in the US and abroad.  This led to me asking myself, “what can I tangibly do?”  Many years ago, while joining a friend and her family for Thanksgiving, her dad gave me a book that talked about how our living spaces can be a reflection of who we are.  Our homes should be a safe place to be free in that.  That sentiment has never left me, and it makes me so excited to combine my love of interior design with that conviction and capture it for you with ethically-made decor, housewares, and works of art that deeply inspire each of us differently.
I am mama to my sweet girl ("P"), a food and drink enthusiast, and a sentimental hoarder.  I love sitting with a friend over a meal, going to farmers markets, and being provided toilet seat covers in public restrooms.

Message from Kara -- My mom will tell you that even as a little girl I was a wee bit obsessed with fashion and she fed right into it with her mad sewing skills, creating one of a kind outfits for me to rock (at least in my mind…).  This love followed me through college as I was the lone girl wearing overalls and Birkenstocks at my small college in Iowa before it was cool.  Working as a hospital nurse was challenging since I was only allowed to wear scrubs (yawn), but post graduate school I was finally able to put my personal flair into work wear as a nurse practitioner which I’ve been doing since 2000.  My education on ethical purchasing started many years ago but only after bringing two of our children home from Haiti in 2013 did it turn into more than a “should.”  In visiting the beautiful country of Haiti, I realized that what the developing world needs more of is dignified work, and that sustainable work leads to orphan prevention.  My family committed to putting as much resource, both time and money, into this endeavor as we did towards the adoptions we completed.
I am a thoroughly exhausted mother of six, wife to my college sweetie, and nurse practitioner who likes to challenge the status quo.  Loves of mine include watching my kiddos turn into humans who can have intelligent conversations, connecting all the unique and amazing people in my life, music of all kinds, and still… Birkenstocks.

Be you & rise up! 
Angela & Kara